Unbroken: Rising Above, Thriving Within
No matter how broken you may feel, within you lies a spirit greater than any obstacle
 - Christine Elliott
The Description
At 31, Christine had been living the life she had always imagined. She was healthy, newly married, and planning to start a family. Without warning, Christine's reality was forever changed when she received the news of a late-stage cancer diagnosis. Helpless, Christine watched as her dreams crumbled to dust, every step forward, a battle threatening to shatter her. Would she emerge stronger or broken? One thing was certain: she would never be the same.

 Christine invites you to join her on this raw and transformative journey. Discover how she confronts her fears, finds her inner strength, and learns invaluable lessons along the way. Unbroken is a powerful and hopeful narrative that highlights the power and resilience of the human spirit. You'll find more than just a story of survival; you'll find a roadmap to overcoming any adversity, no matter what challenges life throws your way.
The Author
Christine is a passionate educator, speaker, and mentor with over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry. Not only is Christine a certified life coach and energy healer, she is also a two-time cancer survivor. Christine is dedicated to empowering individuals to rise from adversity stronger and more purposeful than they ever thought achievable
#1 Best Seller
Unbroken reached #1 in both the Breast Cancer category and the Canadain Prairie Provinces category in less than 48 hours!

Words from Our Readers

A true story of a young woman’s Cancer journey, and what she learnt along the way. This inspiring story, set in the rural prairies of Saskatchewan, will undoubtedly pull at your heart strings. As a mother myself, tears came to my eyes as I became deeply invested in this young woman’s four year journey amidst the pandemic.

Christine will captivate your heart with her raw honesty and relatable emotions, and just when you think the worst is over, an unexpected curve ball is thrown once again. If this isn’t a testament to courage and a persevering spirit, then I don’t know what is? Definitely a page turner….

Vyenda M

I loved this book. As a mom of 2 toddlers that really struggles to take intentional rest and put my needs first, it was a good reminder to be present in life everyday, appreciate the small moments, and be grateful for my health. 

Thanks Christine for sharing your story with the world and teaching us all the lessons you have learned along the way. I will definitely be recommending this book to my friends and family.

Tori H.

Originally I planned on gifting this to a friend, but after I started reading the first pages I couldn’t stop. The honest telling of her story is so powerful. I read the story portion in one evening. I slowed down for the rest the work through it the way it was intended.

 Christine, you should be so proud of this!

Robert G.