What Is "Wellness"?

What Is "Wellness"?

What is "Wellness" and what are the best practices? Does it look the same for everyone?


Well, let me start by saying is definitely does NOT look the same for everyone. Although the effects of the practice do look relatively the same. People who are quote on quote "well" all say the same thing:

"I feel a sense of self love I never had before". 


Wellness, contrary to popular belief does not mean that you only like organic recycled fibers and lotus tattoos (although I love those things and so do many of my dear friends). Rather, that you like what you like and you like it fully. 

I am by no means suggesting that you should eat fast food and partake in cocktail hour every night because you like that (these are pleasures so they are of course comfortable and enjoyable). However, I am suggesting that you find balance in a place that feeds your soul and supports the freedom and peace of others as well. 

If you like art: find it, if you like music: move to it, if you like sports: challenge yourself, if you like math: we can't be friends (haha JK on that last one). The trick with wellness is although it is pleasurable once you achieve it, it takes some effort to get there.

Pleasure and wellness are two very different things my friends. Pleasure is immediate and fleeting and often very comfortable. However, too much of it and you feel stagnant. Wellness takes work but has long lasting results. Again, I'm not suggesting you remove all pleasure from your life in an effort to seek wellness. Instead I am suggesting you find balance.

There you have it folks! the secret to wellness.... Balance (queue the fire works). Life in meant to be lived in balance! balance in pleasure, balance in effort, balance in hardships, balance in relationships. If you want to be "well" find balance.

So, drink that cocktail, enjoy that fast food, just don't do it all the time! Move your body, learn and go out into the world and experience as much as you can (while still being true to who you are). Life was not meant to be lived fully in comfort. It was meant to be lived. So, push yourself. However, always keep YOU in mind while you do it. For example: I would not be "well" by studying mathematics because it isn't my jam ( I had to do another math joke haha). However, getting my butt out the door to learn how to paint acrylic makes make my soul shine. 

So, in conclusion. Love yourself, love what YOU love, find balance and find the sweet spot between comfort and discomfort. Thats where your true self and true happiness lies. <3


So much love everyone,


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