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Embody YOU(r) Recovery (Private 1on1)

Embody YOU(r) Recovery (Private 1on1)

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Private course includes: 10 one hour calls (held on weekdays only). Choose your availability to meet up on Zoom/phone:

When Our Mind, Body And Spirit Become Balanced We Come To Know Freedom.

Course Start Date: Anytime

Course Duration: 10 weeks - Weekly One on One calls

Instruction Style: Self-Lead

Instruction Platform: Online from any electronic device

Time Commitment: 2-6 Hours a week (Dependant on speed and dedication)

Who is this for?:  Women/Identify as a woman

Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of this journey we will take together. With this one on one course you will have access to all the course content as well as weekly sessions where we will meet to discuss your progress, support your journey and add in any extra support you might need. 

There is a power within you that just hasn't been tapped into yet. I want to help guide you to unlock your true and authentic self so that you can begin to enjoy the juiciness that life has to offer. 

Together we will create congruence within your mind, body and spirit. It is when we achieve this balance that we fully step into our power. 

Throughout this 10-week course, we will work together to achieve the common goal of setting your soul free from the confines of your mind. Together we will move through audio, video, daily tasks and journaling. This is a low-impact, results-driven course that can be done alongside your busy life.

Your life was never meant to be ordinary, it's time you learnt that.

Come home to yourself with Live Free, or your money back. 

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- The Low Down -

Course Duration: 10 weeks

Payment Plans Available


Embody You - Mind.Body.Spirit is an online course to help exhausted, depleted and hopeless survivors turn their pain into purpose and begin to live the life that was taken from them.

Utilising my 12 years in the field  of self-help, Reiki, energy healing, CCF certified coaching, hypnosis theory and my life experiences with  late stage Cancer I have set out to help women everywhere embrace life, fully. Once and for all. 

This is not a course designed to create hype (that ultimately fades). This course completely changes the trajectory of your life for the better  and permeates into all areas of your life. 


Enrollment for Embody You - Mind.Body.Spirit is open now! You'll receive access to the first lesson  immediately following purchase. The first zoom meetup will be the first Wednesday following enrollment close.


Embody You - Mind.Body.Spirit is an online course, so you can enjoy it  (and implement it) right from where you are!

You will receive access to the first lesson right away.

Each lesson is available to you at the start of each week. That way, you can consume content on your own time when it works for you!


I created the course after 2 years fighting Cancer. I created it to help women restore peace in their lives and stop sweating the small stuff. My whole life changed and I became more happy and more free than I had ever been. I want that for you too.

Here Is My Official Bio:

Christine is a CCF certified integrative life coach, healer, hypnotherapist,  yoga instructor,  Reiki master with over 12 years in the field.  Christine specializes in helping women who are exhausted, depleted and over giving. She helps facilitate the restoration of peace, vitality and excitement into her students' lives.

Christine now lives a healthy, peaceful life outside of the city with her husband Bradley where she prioritizes rest, self-care and enjoyment of all life has to offer. 

You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube (Live Free Wellness) and Tik Tok @livefreewellness.


I created  Embody You - Mind.Body.Spirit because I had grown tired of all these "Self-Help" practices that promised results and just delivered more stress, a tighter schedule and an overwhelming feeling of needing to be "fixed" . 

After a two year long battle with late stage Cancer and one clean bill of health I  dedicated myself to creating a course that was low-impact,  practical and hugely results driven. 

I knew my students (and myself) have busy lives but needed a hand and a huge dose of self-compassion. Thus, Embody You- Mind.Body.Spirit was born. 


So, if you want to have more time freedom, enjoyment, vitality, abundance and love in your life be sure to join us in Embody You - Mind.Body.Spirit. 


(how to get started)

Joining Embody You - Mind.Body.Spirit is easy! Simply:

  • Click on any of the pink buttons to go to the product page and "add to cart".
  • Head to the checkout page and choose to pay in full or split the payments as many times as you wish (split-it payments).
  • Purchase using a secure server through paypal, credit card, google pay and more. 
  • Right away you will receive an email with your username and a temporary password. 
  • Log in and you're done!
  • Begin your lessons right away!
  • A separate email with the private chat platform we will use will come after purchase
  • Our first group zoom call (hosted weekly) will be the first Wednesday after class begins. 
  • In the meantime, direct any questions you may have to Can't wait to work with you!!

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